GOGGLES SOLOGOGGLE F-55 Welding Goggles,shade 5 Hard


Fibre-Metal SOLOGOGGLE  Welding Goggles – F-55   with clear cover lens &filter lens. made in USA,   Loc.C-6-2    sku F55    SHADE  5 HARD

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SOLOGOGGLE  – F55 (5.0).    LOC C-6-2      Fibre-Metal SOLOGOGGLE  Welding Goggles – F55
Fibre Metal Welding Goggles are part of the SOLOGOGGLE line. SOLOGOGGLE is the industry top quality brand of  welding goggles.   SHADE 5 Hard

* Equipped with a clear cover plate & Filter Lens.            (MADE IN USA) not china (CLOSE OUT)    olc.C-6-2     sku.F55

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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