SENCO SJS STAPLER Bo3 to B05 staples #320012N


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Senco SJS Staple Gun B03-B05 (3/16″-5/16″) code 320012N Extremely durable Drives staples ranging in length from 3/16″ to 5/16″ with a 1/2″ crownwidth and 22 gauge wire Excellent power-to-weight ratio for greater production output Drives an unusually wide variety of staples in different crowns and gauges Ergonomically designed with a rear exhaust Can shoot a variety of stape sizes by exchanging the magazine Height: 6″ Length: 9-1/2″ Weight: 2 lb Lip Length: 11/16″ Fastener Capacity: 110�185, depending on tool model Reg. Operating Pressure: 50 -95 psig (3.5- 6.6 bar) <

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