Senco SJS Staplers #320025N A03-A05


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The 320025N SJS A03-A05 is extremely lightweight thanks to a new composite technology developed by SENCO. Ergonomically designed and its new rounded body improves line-of-sight to the work surface. Applications: Upholstering operations, furniture assembly, cabinets, auto trim, home insulation, bedding, picture frames, shoemaking, molding, roof felt, TV and stereo grill cloth. Features: Lightweight, 1.7 lbs.-easy to handle. No lubrication required, rear exhaust, speedy action – drives up to 15 staples per second, E-Z Load – reloads in seconds. Tool Specifications: Weight: 1.7 lb. (1.7kg) Height: 5-15/16″ (151mm) Length: 9-7/16″(240mm) Lip Length: 11/16″ (18mm) Tool Width: 1-15/16″ (49mm) Staple Capacity: 110 to 185 Operating Pressure: 50 to 95 p.s.i.g. (3.5 to 6.6 bar) Fastener Specifications: TOOL SPECIFICATIONS Height:5-15/16″ (151 mm) Length:9-7/16″ (240 mm) USES A03 TO A05 STAPLES 3/6″ TO 5/16″ LONG X 3/16″ WIDE    Mode of Operation: Trigger Fire

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in


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