masters SWH-019 Rocker SWITCH for Heat Gun HG201A.301A,501A,751B etc.


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  • MASTERS HEAT GUN REPLACEMENT Rocker SWITCH                                              LOC.B-3-TUB-1
  • #SWH=019
  • 10A  250v   pkg may vary
  • made in England
    FOR MODEL HG-201A, HG-201A-MC, HG-201AK, HG-202A, HG-301A, HG-301A-MC, HG-301AK, HG-302A, HG-501A, HG-501A-MC, HG-501AK, HG-502A, HG-751B, HG-751B-MC, HG-751BK, HG-752A, VT-750C, VT-750CK, VT-752C, VTS-750, VTS-752

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Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in


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